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1 min readMay 26, 2021


There’s a couple cool web confs this week.

Update (6/5/21): I’ve included links to the talks for both conferences below.

The Future of the Browser

Join creatives, developers and leaders for a one day unconference about the future of personal agency, decentralization, protocols and payments, identity and who we are as a species.

Thrown by Amber Case and ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀. I just love the unconf format. It’s been a while since I’ve been to one and looking fwd to seeing how it renders as a virtual event. $10, 5/26/21.

You can see the talks from the conference here:

web3 weekend

Bringing together a virtual collective of passionate creatives and engineers for a weekend of creating anything amazing on Web3.

This is a conf with a hackathon and talks, thrown by ETHGlobal. A couple months ago they threw NFTHack which was fun (and where I made this).

A few talks I’m looking fwd to:

  • What’s Possible with NFTs — with Billy Rennekamp, pplpleasr , Amy Jung, Molly Mackinlay
  • The future of DAOs — with Linda Xie, Kinjal Shah, John Palmer
  • Open Problems in Web3 — with Juan Benet

$free, 5/28–30/21.

You can find a youtube playlist of talks from the conference here.



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