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How to be Indistractable — Live Conversation with Nir Eyal

Reclaim your attention and improve your creative workflow

What’s the biggest challenge in your creative work? Often it can be finding time to focus, make some progress, and go deep. This is especially crucial for writing, yet that space to focus feels like a rare luxury.

This Wednesday, May 5th at 5pm PT / 8 pm ET join us for the next Medium in Conversation. Amy Shearn, senior editor at Forge, and bestselling author Nir Eyal will discuss how we can reclaim our attention — and really ourselves — amid all of the distractions. The event is free, please register here.

Eyal will share what he’s learned by studying how technology persuades people, and the frameworks he’s developed to help anyone plan better, work better, and live better. We’ll all come away from this talk with some actionable, tactical advice on reclaiming our attention, right now.

“Any writer who’s ever gotten blocked or stalled on a big project can use Nir Eyal’s systems for avoiding distraction,” shares Amy Shearn. “He’s written on Forge about how hard it was to write his book (yes, the one that’s about getting distracted).”

“My book, Indistractable, is about how to stop getting distracted,” writes Nir Eyal. “Ironically, the problem was that I kept getting distracted. That is, until I learned the key to finally doing what I set out to do.”

In this conversation, Eyal will share some of his best advice and tactics, register here to join. There will be a video published afterwards. See past recordings from Medium in Conversation here.



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Kawandeep Virdee


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