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  • Matt Mastracci

    Matt Mastracci

    I am a scrivener, storyteller, and reporter. Even though the academic circle is my bread and butter, I can often find inspiration elsewhere.

  • Aigner Loren Wilson

    Aigner Loren Wilson

    Over 200 published pieces. Thought provoking prose and poetry. Better Humans | Tordotcom | The Startup | Better Marketing. Follow to level up your writing.

  • Penny Shen

    Penny Shen

    Software Penguineer

  • Josh French

    Josh French

    I work here

  • Kevin Foley

    Kevin Foley

    Software engineer at Medium.

  • Kevin Foley

    Kevin Foley

  • Arthur Hayes

    Arthur Hayes

    Co-Founder of 100x. Trading and crypto enthusiast. Focused on helping spread financial literacy and educate investors.

  • Amber the Alchemist

    Amber the Alchemist

    spirit led, ancestor advocated. psychic mama, diviner, creative, ritualist. 🎴🔮✍🏾: @zora weekly spirit medicine

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