Chatting with a gpt-3 creative coach

A few chats with this AI tool I made

Kawandeep Virdee
3 min readJan 27, 2023

I’m working on this creative coach chat AI tool because I found myself having trouble getting started with projects or figuring out how to keep things moving.

I wanted to come up with something using a generative AI tool that would be immediately useful for me. I’ve used it for things like prioritizing between two projects or sequencing a project out. Sometimes it’s helpful to just write out some tasks longform and get into the details. Mostly seeing what it feels like to play with. it’s nice to have it just a tab away if i hit a block.

Here’s a few conversations with it:

Talking about making a zine

Trying to finish a chapter

Getting off my phone to sleep

Falling back asleep after waking up too early

I shared with a friend who wanted to get into solidity stuff

If you’re getting into building generative AI apps, I’d love to talk! I’m whichlight on twitter. Feel free to send any inspiring resources and projects, over there or in the comments.



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