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Kawandeep Virdee
A being in a box with a rocket jet flying up from a colorful horizon.
some folks make vision boards for inspo ❤ i make a drawing and color it in

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“Our worth as individuals isn’t our personal integrity or sense of virtue, but our ability to advertise our relevance on the platforms of multinational tech corporations.” ~Barrett Swanson

Openness, scarcity, and monetization for creators on the internet

The Future of the Browser

web3 weekend

Hub Talk

Medium writers share their best tips

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Check out what your readers are up to, and support them.

Medium in Conversation

Reclaim your attention and improve your creative workflow

It might be a UX thing. I don’t know, it feels wonderful.

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Meditations on coding and self-transformation

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Kawandeep Virdee

Author of “Feeling Great About My Butt.” Previously: Writers @Medium, Product @embedly, Research @NECSI.

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